Sauna and Hamam

Another way to relax at Casa Navajas – is the Turkish hamam and a real Russian sauna. This is a place where you will certainly want to relax more than once or twice.

  • Classic sauna. Russian – the one that has been adored by our ancestors for more than one hundred years, now it is with us. With the right temperature, humidity and steam room, made according to all the canons of the art of
  • Turkish hammam, which has spread far beyond the borders of the country, a visit to which has become something more than just complete relaxation after an active holiday or a busy day.

But which of the options for bathing, hamam or sauna, to choose is up to you. But you can be sure that having tried both options for complete relaxation, you will receive a lot of positive emotions and incomparable sensations.

How we can surprise you when ordering a sauna or hamam?

This kind of rest is always:

  • A complete set of all the necessary accessories for a sauna rest. Brooms, aromatic oils, bathrobes, hats and slippers.
  • Cold or regular shower. As well as a bucket-waterfall and a pool of ice water: dive into it and feel like you’ve been reborn.
  • All dishes and drinks from our kitchen, as well as a huge samovar, from which it is so pleasant to drink strong, aromatic tea immediately after the sauna. A corporate party, birthday or any other holiday can be celebrated right here in the SPA zone. Or after that, move to the terrace, from where opens a stunning view of the lake.
  • With your own meat and drinks. Even renting a barbecue, which usually costs 10 euros per hour, when ordering a sauna / hamam, will not cost you a penny.
  • • Now even more fun is available for the same money – you can relax even with a big company.

And so that there are no problems with booking rooms, staying at Casa Navajas, meals or choosing entertainment, we have more good news: the house staff speaks Russian, Spanish and English.

But this is just one of the options for relaxing, while Casa Navajas is also:

  • a patio area where you will certainly want to have a barbecue;
  • excellent fishing right from the shore;
  • walking or cycling;
  • excursions;
  • and much more, both inside and outside our Navajas guest house.

Arrive to home from Madrid, Valencia, Castellon, Teruel or Barcelona is easy.

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