Recreation and entertainment at Casa Navajas

And can the shortest vacation be remembered forever? And so that these memories are extremely positive. Of course yes.

Casa Navajas is the best proof of this. A reserved forest of huge coniferous trees and a lake: the purest, incredibly transparent, and attracting the eye with its endless water surface.

What kind of relaxation is available at Casa Navajas?

But the guest house is not only the house itself with comfortable rooms, but also:

  • You don’t need to go anywhere: you can fish right from the shore where the hotel is located.
  • Bath rest. We can offer you a Russian sauna and a classic hamam, originally from Turkey.
  • Or, as an option, a classic barbecue: everything you need for cooking, serving is on the territory of our house
  • Self-catering and delicious drinks for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Food supplement can be a variety of drinks, elaborate cocktails or a cool beer.

And this is only on the territory of the house.

Local Attractions

And if you leave Casa Navajas, especially for the whole day, then you should definitely visit and see with your own eyes:

  • 🌊 The Salto de la Novia waterfall, the name of which translates as “Bride’s Leap”. Located on a small river, it looks unforgettable, regardless of the season. When you see a stream of water falling from a 60-meter height, it is breathtaking. You just need to see it.
  • 🌲 Forest. At the same time, the walk does not have to be on foot: for this you can rent bicycles and drive very far, to the most secluded corners, where you can enjoy the silence and virgin nature.
  • ⛰️ Mountains, caves, passages, faults, along which excursion trails of various lengths and complexity are laid. And if you use the services of a tour guide, you will learn a lot of interesting things about these places.
  • ⛪ Finally, the local architecture. Looking at the houses, churches, just buildings, many of which are a hundred or more years old, it seems that time in the town goes on slowly. Or even frozen.

At the same time, if this is not enough, and you want to get the most from your vacation in Spain, there is nothing easier. Getting to Madrid, Valencia, Castellon, Teruel or Barcelona from Navajas is very fast. This means that it will be easier than ever to see even more sights and unforgettable places in the country.

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