Guest House Casa Navajas

Vacation in a confortable house located in a protected area, on the shores of a lake of stunning beauty, when around a coniferous forest with clean air… This is the Casa Navajas guest house, located not far from the small Spanish town of Navajas, which is less than an hour away from Valencia airport. And from the neighbour cities, the trip will take even less time.

Our response to Covid-19: For your safety, all of our employees use masks and disinfectants and maintain proper distance. Common areas are regularly cleaned with disinfectants.

Why Choose Us?

Service and comfort are successfully combined with the greatness of the nature.



Home cooking and drinks





Guest House

Each of our rooms:

  • Designed for two people – with a large double bed or two separate smaller ones.
  • Equipped with air conditioning. ❄️Clean, fresh and cool air is exactly what you need in your room for absolute comfort.
  • 🛀 Each has a full bathroom, where, among other things, each guest will receive slippers and bath accessories – all this is provided.
  • Large flat screen TV connected to your cable provider: you can watch your favorite channels.
  • Free wi-fi.
  • 🅿️ Own parking. You can also come to rest by your car: there will be no problems where exactly to park
  • Finally, you reserve a non-smoking room. Or you can come on vacation with your pet, which is also included in our offer.

But the interior decoration, the view of the purest lake or the magnificent forest that opens from the window, depends only on which room you book.

  • from 100 euros per day
  • up to 2 people

Russian Sauna and Turkish hammam


Rest is always in full. You will have access to:

🧖‍♂️ Classic Russian banya with brooms for sauna or hammam. Which option to choose – decide for yourself. And in order to enhance the already bright feeling necessarily dip into a pool of cold water or douse yourself with a waterfall bucket.

🥩 Patio area. Frying a real steak or making a delicious barbecue is no longer a problem – we have everything you need.

🏊 Summer pool, which is so pleasant to plunge into after various spa treatments, early in the morning or, conversely, before bed.

A minimum of rules and a maximum of comfort: this is how a good rest should be – whether you are traveling alone, with children or a big company.

Activities and entertainment

Severe male company, a girls party or a family vacation?

We have prepared for you a whole variety of different options for recreation and entertainment on the territory of the complex and nearby.

Get a lot of positive emotions and impressions!

What's available outside the hotel

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But it is not only on the territory of Casa Navajas that you can have a great rest. Available to you:

  • 🎣 Fishing. It can be both from the shore and from the boat: right from your room, inspect the place where you will fish from. What to choose – decide for yourself.
  • 🚴 Cycling. For example, to the nearby waterfalls, the natural beauty of which cannot be described in words: you need to see it with your own eyes at least once.
  • An excursion to the neighbour cities. It doesn’t matter if you are the only one, for example, in a rented car or, on the contrary, as part of organised groups.
  • ♨️Thermal springs. They are only 35 kilometres away, which will not be difficult to overcome. But words cannot convey the feeling of visiting this place.
  • Finally, you can just walk around the area and enjoy the beauty of the area, which is beautiful no matter the time of the year. And also, hand-feed the horses: they often wander around and walk around Casa Navajas.

☝️ At the same time, the staff speaks your language: you can easily check in, place an order or simply get recommendations on where to go or what to see. A fairy tale that becomes reality – you will remember such a vacation forever. And very soon, as soon as the opportunity presents itself, be sure to repeat it by arriving at Casa Navajas.

Home cooking and drinks


🥘 The kitchen is a matter of special pride for the owners. It is exclusively domestic, not like everyone else’s. The food is really tasty, regardless of whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner.

And in order to maximise the pleasure of a variety of dishes, be sure to supplement it with a cocktail that best suits your desires and your mood. Or try a local wine: even if you don’t understand anything about the bouquet, color, ageing, you can still appreciate its taste and aroma.

Casa Navajas
is waiting for you!

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